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'Dark Tourists' by Malia Johnston and Emma Willis Photo credit James Ensing Trussell.

Towards a NZ dramaturgy: A Maverick Undertaking in 2016

Playwright and dramaturge Gary Henderson points out that classic rugby analogies, although clichéd, work well because they’re specific to our culture, our country, and our people. Dramaturgy, he argues, is no different: “If you’re a rugby player you cannot break the rules, but what you can do is subvert the expected conventions,” he explains. “A brilliant rugby player is the…


Thirteen O’Clock: looking back at 2016

“The world to which we dedicated our slow and patient craft has undergone a sudden and startling temporal acceleration. The clocks, as Orwell put it, are striking thirteen, and we have to ask ourselves what a writer can usefully do in a world where it’s suddenly thirteen o’clock?” Chris Cleave posed this question at the inaugural National Writers Forum in…


Lalelei | Sau E Siva

Move over Juliet and what’s his name. There’s a love story from Samoa that has just as much legendary status as any other classic and this one’s right from our own neighbourhood. Sau E Siva bring us Lalelei: a contemporary classic that combines all the elements of tragedy, love, loss with a healthy dose of humour in an hour long…

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The Nutcracker | The Imperial Russian Ballet

Based on ET A Hoffman’s classic fairy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, the Imperial Russian Ballet Company brings Tchaikovsky’s enduring score to life this season with a shimmering interpretation of the Christmas story. Featuring the choreography of Vasili Vaionen with revisions by Taranda, this version presents all the familiar charm of a timeless story with some startlingly superb…


Neil Ieremia | Artistic Director, Black Grace

Neil Ieremia is a hard man to pin down. Not least because he’s just become a father (again) but between choreographing his latest work, As Night Falls, he’s also collaborating with a dance company in Taiwan. “My daughter is only 15 weeks old,” he says, arriving at our interview flushed and out of breath. “I was supposed to have flown out…

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VU | VOU Dance Fiji

When entering a sacred space, there is an underlying presence that challenges any visitor to engage with the unsaid and the unexplained. Invoking traditional ceremony and ritual, VOU Dance Fiji does exactly that. In their latest offering, the company attempt to carve out a dialogue between the past and the present, the ancestral beings and the people. This is VU.…

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FRESH | Tempo Dance Festival, NZ

This year’s FRESH dance showcase does not disappoint. The palette is broad and the risks and innovation taken by the five choreographers, Ardon England, Joash Fahitua, Xin Ji, Bhuvana Venkat, Lauren Byrne and Emma Martin, offer commendable efforts. Sculpted physicality, creative thinking and strong narratives are evident in varying degrees across all works. The evening begins with England’s ‘FIERCE’. A…


Macbeth | Black Friars Theatre

Black Friars Theatre has been working for the past 10 years in South Auckland to ‘re-story’ conventional narratives. Their production of Macbeth was no exception. Under the direction of Billy Revell and Michelle Johansson, the company presented a rich, vibrant and uniquely Pasifika re-telling of the classic Shakespearean tragedy. Set in traverse, the stage was a long corridor that carried…


Songs for the Fallen | Auckland Live Cabaret Season 2016

“This is not how my story goes,” says 19th century peasant-turned-courtesan Marie Dupleiss. The muse for Alexandre Dumas’ Lady of the Camellias and the subsequent inspiration for a swathe of legends and myths (including the opera La Traviata and Moulin Rouge) is a woman whose legacy has endured for centuries – but she’s not done yet. It’s January 15th 1847 and in 18 days’ time Dupleiss will…

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