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100 Soup Recipes | Simon & Alison Holst

“I live on good soup, not on fine words.” It isn’t often that Moliere is quoted on soup but should ever an occasion arise for the French playwright’s words to be appropriate I think the collection presented by Simon and Alison Holst in 100 Soup Recipes is the perfect match. It’s still cold enough to warrant soup and in this…


The Absurdity of Humanity | NZ Dance Company

The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) opened its premiere season with a double-bill programme consisting of two strikingly different works. The Absurdity of Humanity is a fitting title drawing upon the choreographic artistry of Australia and New Zealand’s finest practitioners and presents a sensitive exploration of not just our humanity, but also our mortality. The programme begins with Lina Limosani’s…


Nicholas McBryde | Artistic Director, Arts Festival Dunedin

Arts Festival Dunedin director Nicholas McBryde says there are advantages and challenges programming for the nation’s boutique city. “Every market place has its own challenges and in some ways we have even more – but nevertheless we have a metropolitan vision ourselves. “We’re not here to look good in comparison to any other festival and accordingly I must cut the cloth according to the coat…


Venus In Fur | Auckland Theatre Company

Leopold Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novella Venus in Furs is a literary accomplishment that has held sway over human sensibility ever since it was written. Originally part of a series that was to be called The Legacy of Cain, it was part of the first volume: Love. But love features little, or so it would seem, in David Ives’ play that had its Off Broadway premiere…



The classic cast-of-thousands biblical epic that we know as Ben-Hur was a family favourite of ours. This was especially the case on Good Friday when every available movie channel would broadcast Crucifixion stories. There was more to it than just a chariot race and Jesus (though for some those would understandably be the highlights) but the saga promised a tale…


Hippolytus Veiled | Theatrewhack

Oh my wife what have you done?   It’s not a line that playwright Nathan Joe has actually written in this inspired re-imagining of the Euripides classic but nevertheless it is the underlying, and at times overwhelming, sentiment of this epic tale. The story is set in Athens where we find a Queen abandoned and alone. Phaedra (Fiona Mogridge) has…


HEALR | Rose Philpott & Jessie McCall

HEALR is an intriguing exploration of the concept of wellbeing in 2016. Created and performed by leading dance independents, Rose Philpott and Jessie McCall, it is a sculpted and thought-provoking commentary that interrogates the many facets of wellness – and the complexities that sit beneath the surface. The narrative is simple, and for the most part, beautifully transcribed through the movements…


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time | Auckland Theatre Company

Dione Joseph reviews the Auckland Theatre Company’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. The best-selling novel by Mark Haddon was adapted for the stage by UK playwright Simon Stephens to great acclaim, first produced by the National Theatre Company and followed by a production on Broadway. Click here to listen to Dione’s live review on…

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