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UnAustralia | La Mama

I’m not a Racist BUT… Personally I don’t really care about the first four words that precede that notorious conjunction – its the ones that follow that matter. UnAustralia is the play that explores, in some depth, those words that follow and why they do. I was asked not to write a review, but a response and as a result…

Peter Kalos

Peter Kalos – An Interview

Copyrighted to Australian Stage. The Melbourne Actor’s lab is one of the most recent additions to Australia’s culture capital where thousands flock each year to gain training in the performing arts. But with so many schools already established is there room for one more? Australian Stage’s Dione Joseph caught up with owner Peter Kalos (Director, Actor and Teacher) to find…

Ursula Yovich

Ursula Yovich – A Feature

Copyrighted to Australian Stage. Ursula Yovich always wanted to sing. And deep down she knew that one day she would: “After all my people have been doing it for 40,000 years”, she laughs, “it’s part of who we are”. An artist and a performer with immense connections to country and family (from both her Aboriginal mother and her Serbian father)…

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night | Bell Shakespeare

Twelfth Night and it’s as far away from Christmas as possible. But in the middle of September John Bell’s Shakespeare Company takes its audiences on a journey from the isle of Illyria all the way to Melbourne’s Federation Square – and does so without compromising the eloquence and rhetoric of Shakespeare – or that of the stereotyped Aussie. With a…

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Yohangza Theatre Company

If you have never seen Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream don’t fret. Yohangza Theatre Company’s version serves up a favourite classic with a decidedly Korean flavour. All your favourite characters are resplendent in their original delightful personas but the magic and the mischief has certainly been doubled. And in the case of Puck – literally. Director Jung Ung Yang recognized…

Chris Botti

Chris Botti | Frontier Touring Company

On Sunday night there was only one place to be for all jazz fans. And that was at the National theatre with none other than the legendary Chris Botti! A superb evening was had by all and not only because Botti can wield his trumpet with all the dignity and class of a king but also because he was magnificently assisted…

Scott Alan

Scott Alan – A Feature

Copyrighted to Australian Stage. Scott Alan is recognized today as a talented young composer who has brought about a transformational change to musical theatre. He wasn’t a prodigy at the age of three but then again he wasn’t far behind either. Alan’s introduction to the world of musical theatre was Oliver, the first show he ‘fell in love with’ and…


Menopause the Musical | HIT Productions

I don’t normally indulge in personalized reflective reviews but this occasion merits a change: Menopause The Musical by Christine Harris and HIT productions was eye-opening! Now while the topic is definitely something I hope not to become too intimate for at least another 20 odd years I do have admit that as one of the younger female members of the…

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan Mills – An Interview

Copyrighted to Australian Stage. Jonathan Mills, Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International festival was in Melbourne recently to give a lecture on the State of the Arts and Australian Stage’s Dione Joseph had a chance to ask him some key questions. These included not only the agenda for the Festival, but Mill’s own personal opinions on some of Australia’s most…

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