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Greg Behrendt

Headliners: A Star-Spangled Showcase of America’s Hottest Comedy | Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010

American Comedy has a niche of its own. Sometimes it’s an accommodating one and sometimes, well it’s not. But the advantage of watching a show like Headliners is that out of the three comedians at least one (and if you’re lucky maybe even two) will reassure you that American humor can actually be laugh-out-loud funny. John Mulaney opened the night…

David O'Doh-party

David O’Doh-party | David O’Doherty (MICF 2010)

The British – no wait he’s Irish – stand-up comedian David O’Doherty brought the house down on Sunday night with an intimate conversation with the audience that was very much like the opening statement of this review – full of contradictions. The night began with Dave explaining the peeping Tom in his trousers, well not quite, but there is certainly…


Cosi | Hit Productions

Laughter is the best medicine’ proclaims the subtitle of Cosi, the latest touring show by HIT Productions and Monday Night at St. Martins Theatre certainly proved there was to be no shortage of guffaws, giggles and hearty explosions. A realist drama set in the 1970’s in Melbourne by Australian playwright Louis Nowra, Cosi explores interactions between a young theatre director…

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Dione Joseph: Director, Writer & Community Consultant

Welcome to Dione Joseph’s website and blog. Dione Joseph is a theatre maker, director, dramaturge and critic. Having trained and directed theatre in New Zealand, the USA and Australia she is now based in Melbourne where she recently completed a thesis on the Aesthetics of Indigenous theatre. For more information, click on the links above or contact Dione. Bottom right…

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