Exhibit B: A personal response

The ‘human zoo’ exhibition by Brett Bailey may not be a regular topic of conversation at the New Zealand dinner table…maybe it should be, says Dione Joseph as she shares her personal experience of the work in Edinburgh. * * * Having listened to the various voices who have contributed to the Performance Ethics Working Group facilitated artist dialogue and podcasts I’d…


Reflecting back: NZ in Edinburgh

The most appropriate place to be reflecting upon a festival experience, believe, is at approximately 30,000 feet in the air. Ideally, of course, one would be in business class. Here you would have the luxury of being able to stretch the muscles, creative ones obviously, without having to worry about the consequences of your actions to those around you –…


Talking Back: NZ in Edinburgh

Writer and director Dione Joseph invites us to experience and enjoy New Zealand at Edinburgh through her ‘blurry and biased lenses.’ Keep an eye out in August as Dione shares her stories and interviews from Edinburgh, exploring New Zealand’s role on the international stage. “These are conversations about New Zealand’s collective story, and it is vital that all artists are…


Reflections on STRUNG

STRUNG is an inspired exhibit. It combines the aesthetics of performance in new and challenging ways to explore concepts of crisis and sustainability in the world we live I today. Part-installation with extensive audience participation (and therefore collaboration) STRUNG ripples with layers of meaning, Audiences are invited to participate (having been suitably forewarned, ethics checklist: tick) and the atmosphere is…

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