Sister Act

Sister Act — the musical

Twenty-five years ago, Whoopi Goldberg became an international sensation because of a low-budget-feel-good film called Sister Act. The story followed the adventures of a lounge singer, who unintentionally, becomes a witness to a murder by her gangster boyfriend. The plot twist? To keep their star witness alive, the police stow the diva in the least likely of places: a rundown…

King of Bangor

King of Bangor

Synopsis In oppressive darkness, successful novelist Stephen King sits on his throne mapping out a new story of the macabre. But there is a problem; he’s stuck. Writer’s block has set in. But soon familiar voices offer advice and King begins to type: the flow comes and goes just as distractions and inspirations surface – then disappear then reappear. Real…


Student Body

Synopsis Student Body tells of the experiences of four students in Melbourne, Kai Chai from China, Aditya from India, Fon from Thailand, and Song Ye from Malaysia. Compiled from a variety of personal interviews, playwright Alana Valentine explores the untold story of living life as an international student in the world’s most liveable city. Woven through the play are images…

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