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Aroha Awarau | Playwright, Officer 27

Aroha Awarau says his latest theatre work is a testimony to the strength of mothers when dealing with tragedy and grief. The journalist and playwright tells Dione Joseph about the real story of an accidental police shooting that inspired his fictional play, Officer 27. * * * In 2009 Halatau Naitoko, a teenage courier driver, was accidentally shot and killed by…

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Peter Falkenberg | Artistic Director, Free Theatre

The Mauricio Kagel Project brings together international composer Gao Ping, NZ conductor Hamish McKeich and Christchurch experimental performance artists. Free Theatre director Peter Falkenberg talked to Dione Joseph about this unconventional playful work, at Christchurch Arts Festival this week. * * * Peter Falkenberg admits the work of Argentine-German composer Mauricio Kagel is almost never performed these days – but when he first…

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Nina Nawalowalo | Choreographer, The White Guitar

Sharing Pasifika stories from the community back to the community drives the creatives of The Conch theatre. The White Guitar is no different and in conversation with Dione Joseph director Nina Nawalowalo shares the process and evolution of this personal story. The work is on at Christchurch Arts Festival next week after its debut in Wellington. * * * “It’s been amazing…

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Daniel Mendelsohn | Critic, The New York

US based writer Daniel Mendelsohn talks criticism and taste with Dione Joseph as he visits NZ for the Auckland Writers Festival. He recounts the development of his career as a critic, his unchanging concepts of ‘meaningful criticism’, and the importance of humour. “Good critics arise at the intersection of expertise and taste: you need both, and the latter, of course, is mysterious –…

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Gregory O’Brien | Poet, Whale Years

Gregory O’Brien’s latest publication Whale Years charts his encounters and explorations as he voyaged across the South Pacific. The poet and artist catches up with Dione Joseph to dip into a reflection on his expeditions. Following the migratory routes of whales and seabirds O’Brien’s experiences between 2011 and 2014 have proved to be one of the most galvanising experiences of his lifetime.…

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Carol Brown | Choreographer, PAH

PAH explores the layered histories and their resonances that continue to live on in one of Auckland’s largest 19th century homesteads. The multimedia site-specific performance is the result of a unique collaboration between choreographer Carol Brown, composer Dame Gillian Whitehead and artist Star Gossage. Carol Brown shares her thoughts with Dione Joseph on developing performances that offer an intersection between dramatic…

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Sxip Shirey, Danik Abishev and Aurelien Oudot | LIMBO’s band leader, hand-balancer and contortionist 

We hear from a band leader, hand-balancer and contortionist about life in a travelling circus-cabaret, as their show LIMBO stops in Auckland for the Arts Festival. Sxip Shirey, Danik Abishev and Aurelien Oudot spill the beans to Dione Joseph. * * * Want to know about funding programmes run by the Russian government for children in the circus, or what it means when…

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