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Emere Wano | Artistic Director, WOMAD

Artistic director Emere Wano is no stranger to the World of Music, Arts and Dance. In the lead up to WOMAD NZ, Emere tells Dione Joseph about her journey with the festival and the cultural capital it creates for Taranaki and NZ. * * * “I ran the first Maori stall at our first WOMAD and we decided to do…

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David Inns & Carla can Zon | Chief Executive & Artistic Director, Auckland Arts Festival

In a recent conversation with the indomitable duo at the helm of Auckland Arts Festival, chief executive David Inns and artistic director Carla van Zon, a simmering sense of anticipation for this year’s programme is tangible. As the festival moves towards an annual offering on the arts calendar, Dione Joseph finds out what’s involved. * * * Launching an annual…

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Shona McCullagh | Artistic Director, The New Zealand Dance Company

A fearless leader dedicated to transforming New Zealand’s arts sector through unconventional risks and an ever-expanding passion, this year’s Hynds Creative Entrepreneur, Shona McCullagh, is setting the stage for nurturing a rising generation of creative entrepreneurs. The award recognises McCullagh’s passion for invigorating the sector but it isn’t just the swathe of awards or the impressive milestones as a director,…


Reina Sutton & Jarcinda Stowers-Ama | Artists, Southside Arts Festival

A range of workshops were the highlight of this year’s Southside Arts Festival. Dione Joseph spoke to artists Reina Sutton and Jarcinda Stowers-Ama about how contemporary arts workshops are a window to engaging, enlivening and enriching the community. * * * Southside Arts Festival Urbanesia encompasses all aspects of a true fiesta replete with performances, installations, exhibitions and of course workshops.…


Tracey Williams| Visual Arts Programmer, Southside Arts Festival

No longer siloed into former predefined categories this year’s Southside Arts Festival Urbanesia brings together a plethora of artistic excellence with new forms, activities and installations across the visual arts. Visual arts programmer Tracey Williams shares how the festival enables the people of Auckland to have “a concentrated encounter with the arts and culture of the city’s burgeoning urban Maori…


Olivia Taouma | Director, Southside Arts Festival

Southside Arts Festival director Olivia Taouma tells Dione Joseph how this year’s ‘Urbanesia’ festival is breaking regional boundaries in innovative ways. Taouma says the festival is about celebrating our Pasifika and Maori artists in Auckland in a massive trans-regional festival of visual art, theatre, dance, fashion and much more. “We are the world’s largest Polynesian city but equally we are also world’s leader…


Lemi Ponifasio | Choreographer, MAU

As Dione Joseph wraps-up her coverage of NZ at Edinburgh for The Big Idea, she shares her conversation with MAU choreographer Lemi Ponifasio on art, philosophy and a tapestry of ideas. ‘He incites us to dissolve the tendency to desire comprehension and instead unfurl the cramped wings of the imagination.’ * * * When I hurried down Leith walk to meet Lemi Ponifasio…


Lewis Holden & Maree Brown| Chief Executive, Ministry Culture and Heritage & Cultural Diplomacy International Programme manager

A ‘currency of trust’ was the focus of an international culture summit in Edinburgh in August. The NZ delegation at the summit share their reflections on culture, economics and policy with Dione Joseph. * * * New Zealand has had a remarkable presence in Edinburgh this year. Not only across seven major festivals but also at the second Edinburgh International Culture…


Charlie McDermott & Ben Farry| Producer & Actor-Writer, Generation of Z

After a sell-out season at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Generation of Z producer Charlie McDermott and actor-writer Ben Farry share their future vision of theatre with Dione Joseph. And it’s not just a post-apocalyptic one, where zombies run rampant, but rather a force field where money is creative energy. * * * “I’m a firm believer that the only way you can…

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