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Lalelei | Sau E Siva

Move over Juliet and what’s his name. There’s a love story from Samoa that has just as much legendary status as any other classic and this one’s right from our own neighbourhood. Sau E Siva bring us Lalelei: a contemporary classic that combines all the elements of tragedy, love, loss with a healthy dose of humour in an hour long…


Macbeth | Black Friars Theatre

Black Friars Theatre has been working for the past 10 years in South Auckland to ‘re-story’ conventional narratives. Their production of Macbeth was no exception. Under the direction of Billy Revell and Michelle Johansson, the company presented a rich, vibrant and uniquely Pasifika re-telling of the classic Shakespearean tragedy. Set in traverse, the stage was a long corridor that carried…


Songs for the Fallen | Auckland Live Cabaret Season 2016

“This is not how my story goes,” says 19th century peasant-turned-courtesan Marie Dupleiss. The muse for Alexandre Dumas’ Lady of the Camellias and the subsequent inspiration for a swathe of legends and myths (including the opera La Traviata and Moulin Rouge) is a woman whose legacy has endured for centuries – but she’s not done yet. It’s January 15th 1847 and in 18 days’ time Dupleiss will…


Shot Bro – Confessions of a Depressed Bullet | Kōanga Festival 2016

Let’s be clear: Shot Bro – Confessions of a Depressed Bullet is not drama therapy. Any therapeutic effect that may eventuate as a result of watching a brilliant writer and performer share his most personal stories is a result of not merely absorbing and reflecting upon the details of the story but basking in the world of how the story is told. Rob Mokaraka…


Boys Will Be Boys | Silo Theatre

Forget Sex in the City. This is Melissa Bubnic’s scathing satire of sexism in the city and it’s a crackling ninety minutes. In a strong female-driven narrative, Boys Will Be Boys exposes not just the multiple glass ceilings that women face in the industries and systems wrought by men but, equally, how such institutions breed desperation, ruthlessness and betrayal in power games that…


Venus In Fur | Auckland Theatre Company

Leopold Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 novella Venus in Furs is a literary accomplishment that has held sway over human sensibility ever since it was written. Originally part of a series that was to be called The Legacy of Cain, it was part of the first volume: Love. But love features little, or so it would seem, in David Ives’ play that had its Off Broadway premiere…


Hippolytus Veiled | Theatrewhack

Oh my wife what have you done?   It’s not a line that playwright Nathan Joe has actually written in this inspired re-imagining of the Euripides classic but nevertheless it is the underlying, and at times overwhelming, sentiment of this epic tale. The story is set in Athens where we find a Queen abandoned and alone. Phaedra (Fiona Mogridge) has…


Yours Truly | Te Rēhia Theatre Company

In 1888, London’s East End was besieged by a series of ruthless murders. The victims, all prostitutes, were carved up with gruesome anatomical dexterity. In the wake of these serial killings, a shadowy figure emerged: Jack the Ripper. This was the signature of (apparently) the self-confessed murderer who, through a letter now believed to be a fake, declared his handiwork…


Badjelly the Witch | Tim Bray Productions

Children’s theatre needs to appeal to all ages. It has to be curious and filled with wonder for the wee ones, intelligent and challenging for those a tad older, mysterious and fast-paced for the teenagers – and still has to have something to appeal to all the adults for them to actually bring their children to the theatre. Badjelly the…

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