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WHITE/OTHER | Alice Canton

Let’s start at the end. There is a reason for this, in fact many reasons, but mostly because, as Jean-Luc Godard once said, “A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.” This isn’t necessarily a story; the work and its creators asked for a review and this is my response, as…

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Seven Deadly Monologues | A+ Productions

“Seven Deadly Monologues. Unearthing the haunting side of sin in humanity.” It’s a bold and ambitious statement; a provocation by playwright Benjamin Teh that dares his audience to enter into a lascivious exploration of all that is deeply sinful. Through seven monologues the immemorial pillars of sin (Lust, Envy, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony and Greed) address the audience, each offering…

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The Wholehearted | Massive Theatre Company

The mandate of The Massive Theatre Company is clear: to create bold, authentic and heartfelt theatre. It’s not always easy and it certainly isn’t always possible, but last night’s Auckland City preview of The Wholehearted gave its audience exactly that. It’s a charming production. A group of young folk explore what it means to take courage, step forward and be…

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Little Child of Miracle | Basement Theatre

New work has an irresistible charm for me. I am passionate about New Zealanders telling our stories on our stages and I’m particularly excited when work dares to go beyond the personal. Stories that invest wildly in the imagination and dare to traverse beyond polemics and politics – those are stories that will herald a new way of shifting our…

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The James Plays | Auckland Arts Festival 2016

The James plays are the jewels in the crown in the Auckland Arts Festival: brilliant production value, top-notch drama and impeccable acting. It’s a chance to experience the best of what an international festival can offer right here in Auckland and whether you’re a history major or care about the Scots one whit matters little; it’s an excellent example of…

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Not in our Neighbourhood | Auckland Arts Festival 2016

Written and directed by Jamie McCaskill, Not in our Neighbourhood is a moving social commentary on the ongoing systemic violence in our society. Packed into an hour long production, powerhouse performer Kali Kopae takes us into the lives of three women who have sought shelter at their local refuge and, drawing upon their stories, offers quintessential snapshots of their varied…

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The Tempest | AUSA Outdoor Summer Shakespeare

The Tempest is perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most well dissected, interpreted and idolised plays yet there is an irresistible allure for any admirer that will guarantee a full house. Last night’s PopUp Globe was no exception. Under the capable direction of Benjamin Henson and led by the superbly talented Lisa Harrow as Prospero, the work promised to open up a…

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If There’s Not Dancing at the Revolution, I’m Not Coming…| Julia Croft

Julia Croft is a talented performer. Her physical presence is commanding and she presents a no-holds barred 60 minute analysis of female sexuality that is funny, provocative and entertaining. Better still it’s also smart. If There’s Not Dancing at the Revolution I’m Not Coming is an unadulterated and unyielding exposé of how women and our bodies are experienced through a…

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The Phantom of the Opera | Amici Trust

2016 celebrates thirty years since The Phantom of the Opera galvanised the musical theatre tradition on the West End with Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford in the lead roles. But few give a thought to the original novel, Le Fantome de ‘Opera, penned by Gaston Leroux in 1911. While wandering through the lower levels of the Paris Opera house Leroux…

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