David O'Doh-party

David O’Doh-party | David O’Doherty (MICF 2010)

The British – no wait he’s Irish – stand-up comedian David O’Doherty brought the house down on Sunday night with an intimate conversation with the audience that was very much like the opening statement of this review – full of contradictions.

The night began with Dave explaining the peeping Tom in his trousers, well not quite, but there is certainly the potential of strangers to think that there must be a reason a man walks around Melbourne with his zipper down. But oh no (here we go contradiction again) le pantalon is from France – which explains the impractical style of French trousers and why Irishmen shouldn’t buy them.

Not only a great comic but also an author, musician, satirist and Panda Bear fan, Dave takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride with more bumps and jolts than any theme park can offer. And he does it well. Especially when the sound effects become the dominant part of the story, say between a man and a woman who are reduced to conversing with primal noises that end with the all encompassing and anti-climactic finale of blub. But you need to watch the man himself to unravel that particular scenario.

Dave urged his Sunday night audience (whom he seemed to like more than his previous two) to make sure the expectations were as low as possible – that way no matter what performance he gave in the end it would surely be quite brilliant. However the disclaimer wasn’t necessary because with a penchant for not only standup but also roll-around-on-the-floor comedy the audience was in a perpetual state of laughter throughout the evening.

Keyboard playing and body bopping while singing some fairly incongruous lyrics was also a definite highlight, especially as Dave takes great pride in sharing his anecdotes through song (even though he can’t sing) and lighting displays.

To his credit the Irish lad who looked as though he had rolled out of bed, then into the pub and THEN toddled down to the Town Hall, did a fairly good job of being inclusive with his local references. On more than one occasion he even extended himself across the ditch to New Zealand, where very clearly Dave has more friends – Kiwis not Pandas. A statistic which may have something to with what he can do with hands, in particular his fingers. And especially when the fingers are touching.

If you’re concerned about getting your dollar value for laughs – well don’t be. David O’Doherty is a great night out – maybe because he’s Irish, maybe because he plays on an ’86 Yamaha keyboard, maybe because he doesn’t shy away from commenting on global warming, religion or National Geographic – but most importantly he’s a great bundle of laughs no matter how you wrap him up.