Kevin Kropinyeri

Guess Who | Kevin Kropinyeri

Kevin Kropinyeri may be Australia’s only Indigenous comedy artist but he’s leading the way for a future of young Indigenous comedians to take to the stage. Highly personable, honest and with a fabulous stage presence Kropinyeri is proud of his people and ready to share (with both white and black Australians) a glimpse into the comedy of life for Aboriginal Australians.

From explaining how the different nations make up this country to colloquialisms that you should know (or alternatively be ready to be made the laughing stock if used incorrectly) Kropinyeri shares stories about his life, family and career – and he does so with an endearingly cheeky smile.

An incredibly generous spirit Kropinyeri had his audience (both black and white) laughing at all his jokes many which were based on true stories, many of them personal, and nearly all which his mixed audience could identify with.

And for those who think Aboriginal comedians willingly mock their own people to make a joke Kevin offers some very wise words that whitefellas would do well to remember: ‘we’ve been doing it for generations, ladies and gentlemen, that’s how we got by’.