korean film fest

Korean Film Festival comes to Melbourne!

The Korean Film festival had its inaugural Australian opening in 2010 and is now ready to make its mark on the city of Melbourne. Melburnians are warned to get ready to experience eight new films and a diverse range of cinematic styles and genres.

Kieran Tully, Marketing and Festival Director, is very excited at expanding into the cultural capital of Australia and believes that it is high time that Melbourne audiences are privy to the world of Korean culture: “Many people seem to think that martial arts are the main focus of Korean films but there is more than just revenge motivated action and crime narratives – there are plenty of comedies and family films as well.”

One of the festival favourites is Barefoot Dream, which is the true story of a Korean soccer coach in East Timor. Being a soccer fan himself, this is definitely one of Tully’s favourites. “This isn’t your typical Korean film that is simply action driven” explains Tully. “It’s based on the unfolding true events of a Korean man outside his homeland and about how life is lived – it’s very different and that’s the beauty of a lot of Korean films – they defy being pigeonholed.”

With four days of intense viewing, Tully reminds potential attendees to remember that there are plenty of other Korean cultural and musical events to whet their appetite. These free events include a range of food stalls and the chance to sample Korean rice wine as well.

With only four days to highlight the best eight films this is a short but intensive foray into Korean culture. Tully hopes that the warm response and encouragement from last year which drove their decision to expand to Melbourne will see film lovers flock to watch the best of what Korea has to offer Melburnians on the silver screen.