Exit the Sandman | Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011

After 33 years you would expect that you get better at what you do. In fact you’d hope that you come somewhere close to achieving high levels of satisfaction – if not perfection.

The Sandman can certainly be said to have been on that journey with plenty of Triple JJJ interviews, Sunrise and even Good News Week features thrown in for good measure. And of course who could forget his stint in Siberia?

But if you’re not familiar with the stories of the Sandman don’t worry – his latest show and grand finale gives you all the highs (and lows) of his performance career. An intimate performance with scattered musical sojourns into past the Sandman’s biggest belly rumblers (aside from his prancing around the stage on a pony) came from his excellent animated sound effects and their pragmatic purposes in life.

A relatively short show with a somewhat repetitive start, the Sandman certainly warmed up the crowd well (or maybe it was his fluoro pink suit that turned up the heat) but you could definitely see why some routines had been dropped from his previous performances – lack lustre gimmicks and at times very low energy just didn’t deliver the goods.

But having said that if the curtain didn’t fall in quite the way a star should have made his final exit its still worth remembering that during this Comedy Fest show you certainly weren’t going to fall asleep on the Sandman’s final watch