Mr Snot Bottom’s Stinky Silly Show | Mark Trenwith

Kids are always the hardest critics. And if you can make them dissolve into giggles and twist and squirm with helpless laughter then you’re on to a winner.

50 minutes of engaging comedy for 5-10 year olds involves a medley of boogers and bottoms, snot and smellies that do in fact succeed in keeping his demanding audience entertained. With no elaborate sets or props, Snot Bottom is a presence to be reckoned with and his endless rapid-fire comments are quick-witted and sharp.

Sidekick Derek who is Snot Bottom’s professional hanky was also a hit with the audience but unfortunately Phlegm, another ‘dear friend’ had neither the stage presence nor the voice to deliver the nursery rhymes that were punctuated with rude comments by Snot Bottom. The jokes were varied but all were firmly situated in the regions of goo and guck though we were acquainted with some very interesting notions of where mummies’ perfumes come from.

Audience involvement was also very good and within a small space Snot Bottom certainly managed to pack in a thrillingly disgusting performance for all his punters, both little and big.

A well-crafted and hilarious comedy for kids of all ages that was delivered with style – because after all if the subject is silly and stinky – you would want somebody like Mr. Snot Bottom to be in charge!