Sam Smith | NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

If you’ve ever had a fear of the dentist (and I certainly have) experiencing Sam Smith’s comedy show is probably the perfect antidote. It should at least soften some of those knots in the tummy.

It’s simply impossible not to like Smith. His cheeriness radiates across the cosy confines of the cellar at Q and although the show does seem a trifle haphazard at times, his unquenchable joie de vivre carries it on a high.

Smith is a dentist and his experiences while wielding instruments in and over patient’s mouths form the bulk of his set. He also points out the various flaws in the many dentist jokes that have proliferated in cyberspace and offers his own factually correct responses. The latter are not only valid but insightful and challenge the various stereotypes that Google reinforces.

He is appropriately attired in a dentist’s smock and his show is called Laughing Gas. If you have an expectation of a medley of puns and comments, not to mention anecdotes about clients, then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Audience interaction is definitely one of the highlights so take a front row seat and get involved. If you prefer the back, don’t worry: everybody gets a chance to make a contribution, if they wish.

It’s a funny, warm and engaging show and while it might not be as slick or refined as some of the others, you have to give Smith full marks for doing what good comedy does best: making people laugh.

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