Student Body


Student Body tells of the experiences of four students in Melbourne, Kai Chai from China, Aditya from India, Fon from Thailand, and Song Ye from Malaysia. Compiled from a variety of personal interviews, playwright Alana Valentine explores the untold story of living life as an international student in the world’s most liveable city.

Woven through the play are images of dragons. The four young students on a journey in a foreign land are treading a path in a world littered with choices. Dragons are mythical beings, symbols of aggression and threat, fascinating and potentially dangerous creatures whose influences extend well beyond the walls of the university and deep into the lives of those who dare to cross their paths.

Student Body confronts the racism, prejudice and the controversy surrounding the attacks on international students that have been at the epicentre of Melbourne since 2008. It reveals the complex web of hopes and dreams and the heartbreak of unrequited love, while allowing the audience to share the excitement and laughter of the dragon slaying students’ adventures.

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