Take the Crown | Auckland Pride 2020

Presented by The Others Club, the development season of Take the Crown is a solid show that punches well above its weight. The cast are committed, the narrative is strong and most importantly, the predictable cliches are effortlessly turned on their head. The show is made by the queer community for the queer community – and that point is made poignantly, effectively and repeatedly during the show. The studio space at the Basement is used well and the cast create beautiful moments of intimacy, joy and meditation. Each performer is distinctive and their stories striking. Todd Waters, Tatiana Daniels, Kierron Diaz-Campbell, Carla Newton,  and Ravikanth Gurunathan all provide an unapologetic and tender glimpse into their personal lives – a privilege for the audience – and these stories,  both in brevity and simplicity, create some of the most memorable moments of the evening. It’s a punchy, powerful show and while some of the sketches are little light in substance and we miss some of the current issues facing the community, Take the Crown speaks volumes. Turn up and listen.