The Last Stand to Reason

The Last Stand To Reason | The Pajama Men (MICF 2010)

All aboard who are going aboard? You better be because if you’re not on the Stanton Bullet, the exclusive luxury train owned and operated by The Pajama Men – then you’re missing out. Big Time.

We all know the difference between funny ha-ha and funny that was BRILLIANT and The Pajama Men definitely are the latter. Americans Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez introduce you to a host of characters from notorious banditos, elderly English ladies, Pennsylvanian prosecutors, invincible (wannabe) teenagers and a delightfully eerie feminine ghost, one even suspicious Harry Potter fans would applaud.

No sets, no costumes, no stage props (except two chairs) and what do you have? A show with a strong narrative, characters who actually have larger-than-life personalities and jokes that are well and truly above the average. Which for Melbourne standards is quite high anyway. Complete adoration is inevitable really, especially when the journey includes a phantasmagoric delve into decadent debauchery of the four-legged kind. Juxtaposed with some amazing displays of hand co-ordination and accompanying sound effects the only thing you need to be prepared for is the cascade of saliva that may envelope you in the front row.

With so much on at the Melbourne Comedy Festival it’s sometimes difficult to choose but seriously can you pass up the opportunity to indulge in some action packed drama with two actors, multiple schizophrenic characters, a talented onsite musician and some very effective lighting? And if that wasn’t enough Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez have completely revitalized the power of pajamas – move over Ernie and Burt – this is my kind of early bedtime story!