Night of the Queer

The Night of the Queer | Auckland Pride

The Night of the Queer is guaranteed to become a calendar event. Curated by James Luck (performer, choreographer and director) this hour-long extravaganza was bold, risque and deliciously satisfying. Intimate tables, fairylights and simmering acts by talented performers took the stage by storm.

Ringmaster of a consummate troupe (including circus acts, soul singers, pole performers and burlesque artists), Luck curated a night of variety, levity and soul music. Bryony Skillington and Rebekkah Schoonbeek crooned, swaggered and bounced their way through the night while Kyle Holland on the pole and Ellyce Bisson on the hoop added to the show’s sophisticated menu. However, the unequivocal show stealer was the shy and increasingly confident stage manager-turned-performer, Hamish McGregor.

From helping performers with costume changes to quietly wishing he could be a ballerino, McGregor’s character and choice of songs took us on a ride singing right along to yesteryear’s classics. The simple set (Grecian columns and trailing vines) came alive under Tim Williams’ vibrant lighting design and the attention to detail definitely set this show apart and above the rest.

Take in as many shows in the Auckland Pride Festival as possible, but whatever you do, make sure you book your table for next year!