Wilson Dixon – For the First Time Again| NZ International Comedy Festival 2015

‘Wilson Dixon’ is the ingenious and unforgettable creation of [suddenly we are being asked not to reveal the comedian’s true identity, having done so since 2007].

Oozing his typical charm and occasional acerbic humour, his drawling tones chronicle the decision of his ex-wife Maureen to leave him for their neighbour Dwayne … and why. He also charts the perils of hitch hiking and some rather hilarious anecdotes about Andrew, who seems to be an arrogant character especially considering he’s a horse.

Laced throughout is a subtle parody of Americans and their trademark Americanism but done with such cleverness that it never veers into caricature or stereotype.

Dixon also acknowledges that country music might not be the best genre for protest songs and cites how certain notorious names severely limit the scope for rhymes.

But the highlight of the evening is the songs: a tad romantic and nostalgic but entirely appropriate, particularly one about loving your other half on a highly conditional basis.

Wilson Dixon is a brilliant parody and always welcome on the comedy circuit.

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